05 June 2023

Favini publishes the first Sustainability Report

This year Favini publishes its first Sustainability Report. Now, in addition to more than a thirty-year unerring commitment in the field of sustainability, Favini strengthens communication by integrating its Group Consolidated Financial Statements with a dedicated summary document of its environmental, social and economic performance.

The report covers the entire Favini Group and has been prepared voluntarily, adopting GRI Standards as a reference in order to obtain quality sustainability reporting. The relevant ESG issues were identified through a Materiality Analysis according to the principle of dual materiality: an analysis identified the pertinent issues and a survey was subsequently conducted to gather the opinions of the stakeholders.

Favini’s path towards sustainability began in the early 1990s with the revolutionary Alga Carta: thanks to a pioneering vision, the principle of creative reuse of agro-industrial residues was applied to paper production. Over the years, ecological awareness and attention to socio-environmental performance have become a hallmark of the corporate identity and are determining factors in business and strategic choices.

Now that the collective awareness of socio and environmental issues has grown and corporate social responsibility has become a key consideration; engaging in sustainability practices is no longer enough, but it becomes fundamental to communicate how these are implemented and form part of our long-term vision” explains Eugenio Eger, Favini CEO.

The Favini Sustainability Report was therefore created as a tool for dialogue and transparency for everyone directly or indirectly touched by our activities.

Aware of the socio-economic and environmental challenges, the Favini Group is committed to facing the future with the same competence and professionalism.