29 May 2024

Favini presents Digital

Favini refreshes its offer of papers dedicated to digital print for HP Indigo and dry toner technology. A selection of items from Favini’s most iconic brands now make up the updated and revised version of DIGITAL FAVINI.

Digital print technologies are progressively performing, managing to achieve print results and efficiencies that attract many printers to invest in digital print for their business.

During the development of the revised version of DIGITAL, Favini focused attention on the following final applications: Catalogues, limited edition magazines and prestige publishing, leaflets, folders, invitations, greetings cards, business cards, photo albums and creative print.

The new DIGITAL range is divided into coated and uncoated papers. Amongst the coated versions, the inevitable metallic items from Majestic along with the cast coated Bindakote remain in the range. Added to this is The Tube, a matt gloss especially interesting for photographic prints and Dolce Vita with its feel that is reminiscent of an uncoated paper in its touch and look.

Among the uncoated papers, ultra-ecological versions stand out in the DIGTIAL range: Crush, with 15% corn, kiwi and cocoa waste, and Shiro Echo, 100% recycled, in both of its white and grey versions.

With the addition of Burano, DIGITAL becomes more colourful: On the black, blue and red a white toner could be used alone to create a stunning effect or as a base layer to achieve a full CMYK print.

The range of uncoated white papers for digital printing is expanding: The presence of the classic Biancoflash remains confirmed, thanks to its versatile smoothness and high whiteness, as well as the felt-marked Prisma and Twill. Contact Pack is added, increasingly appreciated in the field of traditional print for its pleasantly rough surface and appealing touch, now also available in digital print format.

The weights of the range go from 100 to 350g/m2, with a significant focus towards the heavier versions as these are the most requested in these papers of distinguishing characteristics.