Favini obtains an Ecovadis gold medal

05 Nov

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Favini has always considered its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy a priority and since the 1990s it has applied the principles of the circular economy. We are proud to have obtained the Ecovadis gold medal, as confirmation of the effectiveness of our actions in the area of sustainability.

Who are Ecovadis?

Ecovadis are the best known and most trusted provider of corporate sustainability assessments.

Their judgement indicates the quality of the corporate sustainability management system and covers four areas:



-Sustainable procurement

-Work and Human Rights.

Our score

Following the evaluation for corporate social responsibility, Favini achieved a gold medal receiving a score of 72/100, placing it just one point away from a Platinum medal.

Download the medal document here

The gold medal certifies that the company now ranks with 5% of the best companies worldwide and within the top 2% in the paper sector.

This result was achieved by a continuous commitment that began many years ago.

Paper from our Echosystem

Since Alga Carta was created 30 years ago, our research for innovative and sustainable materials has become a core theme.


The wide range of ecological papers belonging to the “Paper from our Echosystem” line is certainly one of our strengths: The use of waste from other supply chains and renewable materials as raw materials makes the final product even more sustainable, but that’s not all!

Discover all the features of the most ecological papers on the market by watching this video.

During the production of all our papers there are fundamental elements: Attention to the use of resources, CO2 emissions and safety standards that are analysed and monitored every day, with the view to continuous improvement.

We are proud of the result achieved which confirms our commitment in terms of environmental and social sustainability.

Find out more about our sustainability policies 

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