04 September 2023

Favini launches their new Graphic Specialities website

The website dedicated to Favini’s Graphic Specialties has a new face. This digital platform focuses on graphic papers used for luxury packaging and high quality printing, now has a completely renewed look.

The site has been designed to offer a more intuitive structure and a more engaging style.

The new website, accessible via, offers a series of new contents aimed at inspiring designers and informing professionals involved in the print, distribution and paper conversion sectors.

The main objective is to create a fresh, dynamic and immediate experience for visitors.

A fundamental aspect addressed during the development of the site was the transfer of visual and tactile sensations related to paper through a screen. The use of new photography allows you to create an immersive experience that can be extended into the real world, for example, through the free sampling service dedicated to professionals.

A section of the site is reserved for samples and swatches, including the iconic Favini box set.

The new site also offers improved features for visitors. Those familiar with the Favini brand can use shortcuts to reach key content.

At the same time, users who are exploring the different graphic papers offered by Favini can use filters to quickly find the most suitable solutions for their publishing, printing or packaging projects.

Among the new features of the site a page has been introduced called the Echo-Glossary. This section collates and explains the terms relating to Favini’s greenest papers, covering general concepts such as the circular economy and industrial symbiosis, as well as more technical terminology.

This glossary represents a useful resource to fully understand the characteristics of the sustainable materials offered by Favini.

Andrea Favini, Export Sales & Marketing Director Graphic Specialties, said: “Our goal was to improve the accessibility and the complete digital experience of our Favini papers, always with particular attention to our brand style. The new website has been designed for more user-friendly browsing with a refreshed look and with new content to meet the differing needs of visitors. Furthermore, to complement our online communication strategy, we continue to engage the public through our social media channels.”