Favini Crush used for Alberto Marchetti’s ecological packaging

05 May

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With the imminent arrival of summer, our thoughts turn to the fresh ice cream that we will soon be able to eat. Perhaps too we can reflect if during this recent period of time spent in our homes, whether we may have indulged in a few slices of fresh bread sweetened with a spreadable cream.

From Alberto Marchetti’s ice-cream laboratories, come the sweet delicacies that make your mouth water. The fact that they are sustainable, as well as good, means we like them even more!

Alberto Marchetti pays particular attention to the ingredients: both for ice-cream and cream spreads, as well as for their packaging, the raw materials are selected with care and with attention to sustainability. In the case of the packaging it is made using the ecological paper by Favini, Crush Corn, for the Zabà and Cremà creams.

Alberto Marchetti: Quality and Sustainability

The Alberto Marchetti’s company is a family tradition, Alberto’s father had his own creamery in Nichelino, near Turin.

“If you grow up like this, you love ice cream. And it’s a love you want to share, doing things well. I like ice cream simple, with few, good ingredients.” Alberto Marchetti’s passion for ice cream shines through his words and care in the search for excellent raw materials. “I only use raw materials that I personally find around Italy, taking them in particular from the treasure of Slow Food Presidia. I always go to the fields, to the laboratories, to see for myself where the fruits grow, where the products are made. “ [1]

From the ice cream stores in various cities in northern Italy, Alberto Marchetti has expanded his offer and recently launched the product line of the Casa Marchetti brand beginning with the Piedmont IGP hazelnut cream Cremà, whose packaging is made with the Favini ecological paper Crush made from corn waste. [2]

Cremà is made with 100% Piedmontese milk and 40% IGP Piedmont hazelnuts, this cream spread is boxed in packaging made with Favini’s ecological paper Crush Corn.

The attention of Alberto Marchetti, as well as being oriented to the selection of the best ingredients for its products, also extends to the search for sustainable solutions: The packaging of Cremà and Zabà are made with Favini Crush Corn paper produced by the creative reuse of corn processing by-products.

Zabà, Alberto Marchetti’s zabaglione cream, boxed in sustainable packaging made with Favini’s ecological paper Crush Corn.

Crush Corn, Favini’s ecological paper for Alberto Marchetti’s delightful packaging

For the packaging of spreadable creams, Alberto Marchetti, chose to approach Favini and use an eco-sustainable paper produced in Italy.

For many years in Favini we have chosen to follow the path of sustainability and to produce paper in an environmentally friendly way and to follow the principles of the circular economy. The ecological papers Shiro, Crush, Remake and Refit, produced with upcycling processes, represent concrete examples of this strategy.

These sustainable Favini papers, created thanks to an industrial symbiosis with sectors outside paper, are produced from alternative raw materials, such as algae, agro-industrial by-products, as well as leather and textile processing waste. These are used to replace virgin cellulose.

For the packaging of Alberto Marchetti’s cream spreads, the company wanted to choose a paper in line with its philosophy: High quality products, made in Italy and attentive to both the environment and sustainability. The paper chosen was Favini’s Crush Corn.

The packaging created using Favini’s paper Crush are made according to the principles of the circular economy from the creative reuse of agro-industrial waste.

Crush is an eco-friendly range of papers from Favini, made from the creative reuse of by-products of agro-industrial processes, replacing 15% virgin cellulose. Crush is FSC certified, GMO free, contains 40% post-consumer recycled waste and is produced with EKOenergy.

Within a virtuous supply chain which has been developed according to the principles of the circular economy, encompasses the natural products of the agro-industrial sector, which after subsequent processing, their by-products are recovered by Favini and used to produce the high quality eco-sustainable paper Crush. The residues of citrus fruit, grapes, cherries, lavender, corn, olives, coffee, kiwi, hazelnuts and almonds are the natural raw materials that are micronized and used in the production of Favini’s Crush. paper

Crush Corn, the material used for the Cremà and Zabà packs, is produced starting from the upcycling of corn processing by-products.

Find out more about the life cycle of maize and how Crush Corn paper is produced from these by-products in the article: Crush Story: from corn crop to Crush paper.

In the Crush Story section, with the articles collected in the Circular Economy section of our blog, we have explained the life cycle of corn and how, from the cultivated fields of maize, we produce the ecological paper Crush Corn. For further information, click and read the article Crush Story: from corn crop to Crush paper.

Crush, Favini’s paper that inspires distinctive and sustainable packaging

Thanks to its ecological characteristics and affinity with the food sector, Crush has also been chosen by other agri-food companies for the packaging of their products, such as Domori.

In line with the circular economy, Favini and Domori collaborated on the development of a new ecological paper produced with the cocoa processing waste of the chocolate company. The thin skins of cocoa beans, thanks to the industrial symbiosis between Favini and Domori, become a sustainable raw material for the production of the ecological paper Crush Cocoa used for the Easter packaging of Domori products.

Find out more about Crush Cocoa, the ecological paper created from the creative reuse of Domori chocolate processing residues, read the article From cocoa beans, a new ecological paper for Domori.

Another delicious example comes from Sicily: Ciomod, whose particular attention to environmental respect, chose Crush for the creation of the packaging of its chocolate bars. Ciomod used Crush, in Lavender and Olive colours, in addition to the ecological paper produced with congesting algae removed from at risk lagoon environments, Shiro Alga Carta.

The taste of Modica chocolate by Ciomod wrapped in ecological packs with Favini’s eco-sustainable papers Crush and Shiro Alga Carta.


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