Face to face with Lunar: the new micro embossed metallized paper of Favini

30 Sep

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Lunar is the new micro embossed metallized paper launched during Luxe Pack Monaco 2016.

Lunar is characterized by its special luminescence, the effect of reflectance of light is created by a combination of metallic pigments and surface which has a very fine textured embossed finish.

The seven colours of the range Lunar evoke the reflection of moonlight and the two fine embossed patterns invite touch to initiate a multisensory experience and add this third dimension to each printed piece and luxury packaging.

The fine linear design of Nexus is reminiscent of satin fabric, while the micro-emboss of Mini confers a softer feellunar-swatch

To find out more about the product we asked the marketing department to reveal a few more details about the evolution of Lunar.

Who is Lunar for?

Lunar is the new tactile metallic that will attract the attention of those who are looking for a chic minimalist material, for the production of packaging and print that requires an elegant and refined style to epitomize modern luxury. Its subtle tactile surface gives an additional sensory effect to the consumer. Certainly the charm and allure of the magical luminescence of the moon will be transmitted with the applications created with Lunar.

The definition of tactile metallic is interesting. What exactly does it mean?

There are signs from the market to show a growing interest in the concept of “precious tactile” and shiny surfaces for packaging and luxury print.

Packaging provides a key medium to appreciate the sensation given by the initial encounter when touching the product. It is through the handling that the texture can be truly valued as it instinctively brings us closer into making the product feel desirable.


Part of the Favini stand during Luxe Pack Monaco showing Lunar shimmering in the background

What was the inspiration for the Lunar colour palette of Lunar?

The colour palette consists of seven delicate shades that are inspired by the lunar glow on different landscapes during various phases of the moon – from the White of the full moon on a clear sky to the deep Black of the new moon, through to the softer shades of Platinum, Sage, Mauve, Navy and Silver.

Carta Lunar

Some of the seven colours in the range Lunar

Why does Lunar represent modern luxury?

Micro-texture and soft shades are also the new trend coming from the fashion industry. The research of new trends in terms of colour, such as Navy and Platinum, as well as fine surface texturing substantiate this as a relevant position for Favini to offer Lunar to the luxury sector.

What are the possible applications?

Thanks to its extensive and luxurious offer, combined with its resistance to finger marking and scuffing, Lunar is suitable for the box wrap and lining, for box construction and all the communication requirements for the world of luxury fashion, cosmetics, design and creative brands.

For more information, you can view the press release that is available here.

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