Ecological papers inspired by natural landscapes

16 Jul

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We take inspiration from nature to create colour palettes, that share our sustainable approach to environment and in turn impart an awareness about our ecological papers.

For this review, we have combined photographs of evocative natural landscapes with Favini’s paper created by upcycling: the colours and natural surfaces of Favini papers accompany us on a journey through desert expanses, glacial landscapes and into the green forest interior

By selecting and mixing our ecological papers, we have created colour palettes that blend with the unique atmospheres and natural shades of these landscapes.

Open your swatches of  eco-sustainable papers Shiro, Crush, Remake and Refit and try to guess which colours we have selected.

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The warm shades of the creative reuse papers Crush and Remake are reminiscent of a desert landscape

According to a study by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, we lose 24 billion tonnes of fertile land every year due to desertification, soil degradation and drought. [1] We must, as stated by the United Nations’ 15th goal, commit ourselves to protecting, restoring and promoting sustainable use of the terrestrial ecosystem.

Can you guess which of the Crush and Remake colours takes us to these desert shades? Scroll through the article to find out.

We begin our journey from the most arid lands of the planet, hostile yet fascinating, through the colours of Favini ecological papers they evoke the infinite expanses of desert sand. The unique combination of the sun’s rays on this vista combined with the delicate tones of the sky create an interesting contrast of shades.

The soft colours and natural surfaces of Crush and Remake, the papers originating from the creative reuse of agro-industrial residues and leather by-products, encompass the shades of these desert dunes under skies of pastel shades.

The ecological papers Shiro, Crush, Remake and Refit selected and combined creating a glacial palette

From the warm colours of the desert to the cool shades of a glacier are displayed through the Favini papers which are produced according to the principles of the circular economy and respect for the environment.

About 10% of land consists of glaciers, but they are melting faster than expected. Between 1992 and 2018 there was a loss of 6.400 billion tonnes of ice and in consequence an increase in the level of the oceans. About 60% of this increase is due to the melt of Greenland’s ice and 40% is that of Antarctica. [2] In this regard, the United Nations proposes the promotion of actions to combat climate change.

The colours of Favini’s creative reuse ecological papers inspired by the glacial landscape.

The white of snow and ice, the glacial blue of the icebergs contrasts with the dark grey shades of the rocks, to create a fantastic mix of colours that we have assembled in a palette using Favini ecological papers. Can you guess what colours are used?

Our glacial palette consists of three different shades of white from the following paper ranges:

We have also added some of the lighter shades from the creative reuse paper made with by-products of lavender Crush Lavender as well as Remake Sky the paper coming from the upcycling of leather by-products.

The colours of the forest inspire the palette with papers developed according to the circular economy approach: Crush, Remake and Refit

On our journey through the natural landscapes, we could not miss a walk through the trees.

Forests cover an area of almost 4 billion hectares, over 31% of our planet’s dry land.

Can you guess which colours of Crush, Refit and Remake evoke the shades of the forest?

The green areas of our planet are precious: they absorb polluting emissions, protect biodiversity and support indigenous communities. Favini recognizes their value and in addition to only using sustainable and certified raw materials that come from responsible forest management, it is committed to protecting the forests of Madagascar with the Voiala project.

Discover Favini’s commitment to sustainable innovation and environment in the Sustainability Channel.

The palette of our ecological papers inspired by forests comprises:

As well as three colours of Crush, the range of ecological papers from the creative reuse of agro-industrial by-products:


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[1] “Giornata anti desertificazione, anche Italia a rischio”

[2] “Antartide: lo scioglimento dei ghiacci è sei volte più veloce rispetto agli anni ‘90” 

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