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17 Nov

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A set of boxes and small packaging with a green soul inspired by Shiro Echo, Favini’s ecological paper with 100% recycled fibres.

Inthebox, an Italian company of high quality custom made products for luxury packaging, has created this collection of boxes using the new Favini’s 100% recycled and zero emission paper. All are inspired by the new colour range of Shiro Echo: Raw Sand, Raw Grey and Raw Black.

Inthebox and Favini: A case history of sustainable packaging with 100% recycled raw materials and organic glue

ITBgarage, Inthebox’s R&D department, has designed this set of boxes using 100% recycled and organic materials: Both Favini’s paper Shiro Echo, the card, as well as the glue used to produce this packaging set, are all raw materials with a low environmental impact.

The paper used is Shiro Echo, which follows Favini’s green philosophy and it is a 100% recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, FSC ™ Recycled and zero-emission certified paper, thanks to the neutralization of residual CO2.

Shiro Echo’s range has been extended and now has 3 new trendy colours: Raw Black, Raw Sand and Raw Grey. We speak about the new colours black, sand and grey, as well as the characteristics of this ecological paper and its applications in the field of packaging, printing and converting in a video on YouTube.

This new colour palette of Favini’s recycled and eco-friendly paper is minimal and elegant. The colours are chosen to recall recycled materials, and its pleasantly rough finish with the presence of natural imperfections convey the recycled nature of Shiro Echo paper.

In addition to 100% recycled paper Shiro Echo, the boxes comprise of a high quality 100% FSC® and PEFC certified grey construction board made in Europe. This grey construction board is produced using 100% recycled raw materials, eco-friendly production processes and an almost zero waste program.

The glue is “green” as well: Inthebox has identified a product with an excellent resistance and a plant base composed of 99.8% natural and biodegradable origin.

The recyclable and biodegradable characteristics of all components make these boxes 100% recyclable.

The set, made with complete respect for the environment and with their colour combinations and elegant lines enhanced by simplicity of design, makes it really interesting and sustainable.

Eco-sustainable innovation and solution for the luxury packaging sector

Inthebox with GarageITB is constantly seeking innovative and sustainable solutions for luxury packaging. From design to materials, through the supply chain and logistics, it looks for the most effective and eco-sustainable ways to create projects that are attentive to both design and environmental impact.

What is sustainable packaging?

According to Comieco [1] , a sustainable packaging is a packaging conceived to create the lowest possible environmental impact and which at the same time  must best perform  its functions of protection and displaying information.

Creating eco-sustainable packaging, whether it is an elegant box for jewellery, packaging for wine or for small cosmetics, a luxury shoebox, all requires careful attention to design for the recyclability of the packaging and an in-depth study of the materials.

In fact, the sustainability of packaging depends on several variable elements: starting from the choice of raw materials, the development of the design and the manufacturing process; as well as consideration to the logistical impact of the supply and distribution chain; through to the recyclability and for the possibility of reusing the boxes.

GarageITB is constantly looking for innovative and sustainable solutions for luxury packaging. This meant that Favini’s  Shiro Echo, new range of recycled papers with  its ecological characteristics and high print performance designed for luxury packaging and sustainable printing projects, was the perfect material to create this new collection of eco-chic boxes.

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