29 May 2023

Beautifully diverse: The new release of Posterheroes has arrived!

Cooperation between people must be celebrated and strengthened, and it is essential to educate solidarity and empathy, recognising the value and dignity of each individual, regardless of ability or characteristics.

“Beautifully diverse” is the theme of the new Posterheroes 2023 competition which asks the international creative community to express their vision on the theme of disability through a 70×100 cm poster.

FAVINI, the PLUG association and ITCLIO are partners for the planning and organisation of the celebrated Posterheroes competition which commences its twelfth edition this year.

By reading below you will discover the brief of the 2023 edition and how graphic artists, creatives and designers will be able to take part in the competition.

The brief of the twelfth edition

Disability is an issue that affects a large proportion of the global population, representing approximately 15% of people worldwide. Furthermore, this percentage is expected to grow due to an ageing population and the increase in chronic diseases.

The UN Convention on the Rights of people with Disabilities states that disability arises from the interaction between the characteristics of the individual and the environment in which they live. Tangible or intangible barriers, such as stigma and discrimination, can limit freedom of choice and the ability to act.

Focusing on the environment and circumstance as determining factors in disability means changing the dominant culture that only considers performing bodies and minds, and forgets the value of human diversity.

Avoid stereotypes and promote a narrative of disability that is neither positive nor negative, but a simple expression of the diversity that characterises mankind.

By recognising human diversity, we can understand and value the plurality of experiences and identities.

It’s time to transcend the normal and embrace the beauty of diversity. We spread the culture of diversity, without idealising or romanticising it. We promote new narratives that are authentic, free from stereotypes and judgemental references.

The organisers of Posterheroes for this reason want to trigger a global reflection by graphic artists, designers, students and professionals on the issue of disability and diversity.


The works that are entered into the competition will be evaluated by an international jury that will assess them in order to select the forty winning posters. From amongst the 40 winners, the Organisers will choose the work that will win the Favini prize, of 2500 euros.

Participation is free and the entrants will have until August 27* to submit their graphic work by uploading their 70x100cm poster on the website

*Update: Deadline postponed to September 10.

On an experimental basis, the uploading of works generated by artificial intelligence is permitted provided that it is uploaded in the appropriate section, which is excluded as part of the competition process, meaning these works will not be judged by the jury and will not be eligible as winners of the cash prize or form part of the selection of the forty winning posters.