Favini & Ancaplast Casting Release

09 Dec

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Ancaplast was established in 1982 as a result of a long passion for fashion and imitation leather cultivated by its foundation members.

Over the last 30 years Ancaplast’s wealth of knowledge in the field of synthetics has grown considerably.


Favini & Ancaplast’s Laboratory

Favini Casting Release and Ancaplast has a long standing relationship and we are now pleased to announce a formal collaboration which has resulted in the opening of a brand new laboratory in Milan.

Apart from this co-operation, Ancaplast is an independent self-governing company and offers a full sample, trend and research service.


A key piece of equipment that we are proud to have is a Texim pilot plant coater. This gives us the opportunity to replicate industrial produced synthetic leather but on a smaller scale.

We use this pilot plant to produce all our promotional material. This equipment and the dedicated staff is also available for customers and brands to use.

Texim Pilot Plant Coater at Ancaplast

Texim Pilot Plant Coater

If you have a specific requirement for some laboratory work, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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