Alga Carta is the ecological paper invented by Favini in the 90s and still on trend today, featured by its seaweed content.

You maybe know it as Shiro Alga Carta and part of our Shiro brand, now you can call it simply Alga Carta, to celebrate its original name.

And what’s about Shiro brand?

The news is that Shiro splits into three, offering a wider range of ecological papers, that can meet the demands of different sustainable projects. Now you can refer to: Shiro Echo, the paper made with 100% high quality recycled fibre, Tree Free, sustainable paper obtained only from renewable annual crops, and Alga Carta.

Here below you can learn more about this original ecological paper made with seaweed!

The history of Alga Carta

In the 1990s, a specific problem was being faced in the Venice Lagoon: an abnormal infestation of algae. By its abnormal proliferation, these algae damaged the delicate lagoon ecosystem, leading to its eutrophication. The quickest solution was to gather it up and transport it to landfill; a quick but not a sustainable solution since this reduced landfill capacity.

It was therefore decided to look for alternative and innovative ways to use this superabundant material as raw material in industrial processes.

Thus was born Alga Carta, the paper that creatively reuses seaweed according to our upcycling process. Alga Carta has become the forefather of a range of sustainable papers which are characterized in the production processes of Favini, by using waste materials from other production chains in accordance to an industrial symbiosis model.

Alga Carta: the eco features

Innovation and sustainability are therefore two cornerstones of Alga Carta that combines also with a high print and converting performance. It is versatile and it is ideal for corporate communications, catalogs, letterhead, packaging, shopping bags and much more. Visually it has a unique natural appearance, thanks to the seaweed particles visible on the surface.

It is recyclable, biodegradable, FSCTM certified and uses EKOEnergy, the renewable energy self-produced by our hydroelectric plant. In addition, any unavoidable residual emissions have been eliminated.

Alga Carta is available in two colours, White and Ivory, and with weights from 90 gsm to 350 gsm.

Beachcomber: Alga Carta visual book

Lisa Woollett is a photographer, author and “beachcomber”, as she defines herself and who lives on the Cornish coast. The images, printed on our Alga Carta, document her wanderings along the shores of Great Britain and tell the stories of natural and man-made things found along the shore.


The story told by Lisa mirrors that of Alga Carta, born from a process of upcycling from seaweed and to marine areas in difficulty.

Thanks to the visual book, it is possible to showcase the printability of this paper.

Be inspired by ‘Beachcomber’, click and request your copy of the Alga Carta sample and visual book to produce your next creative projects with Favini sustainable paper which guarantees top-level performance in print and processing without compromise for environmental sustainability.