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12X12, a century of fashion through illustration

20 Nov

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In Turin and Milan, the festivals of visual communication “Graphic Days 2018” and “Mostra Mercato Illustrazione” have just concluded and they featured  the 12×12 project of Nurant illustration Mag.

Favini Biancoflash_catalogo mostra 12x12

Project 12×12, began in 2017 from an idea by Sonia Mion and Nicola Iannibello (Nurant / VZN studio) to organize a series of monthly exhibitions at the Milan Fashion Library, exploring through illustration the history of change in fashion over the last century.

These selected moments of fashion history from the 1900’s up to 2020 that began firstly as an extensive exhibitions, have subsequently been captured in a visual timeline of the period using a selection of the illustrations created by 48 different artists and is printed on Biancoflash paper.

Favini Biancoflash_catalogo mostra 12x12 (2)

The evolution of fashion illustrated in 96 artworks

12×12 explores via the decades, from the last century to the present day, the evolution of fashion and society in 12 fundamental steps: each decade is interpreted by 4 different illustrators using tables created specifically to represent the trends, lines and colours that have marked the history of fashion during that particular 10 years.

What should have been a simple monthly commission, over time has become a rich fashion illustration piece, with 96 different artworks collected in a catalogue printed on Favini’s Biancoflash paper.

Favini Biancoflash_catalogo mostra 12x12 (2)

Biancoflash wears “12×12”

Biancoflash is an iconic paper by Favini and is synonymous of pure white and high quality, it is used for both the cover and for the text pages. Thanks to the purity of white, it has been possible to emphasize the variety of creative processes of the works, their colours and their nuances.

Frequently chosen as a paper for the best fashion catalogues, Biancoflash is an extremely versatile product, which allows an excellent quality of creative application and fine print.

In fact, the ink does not just sit on the surface and look shiny and neither does it sink in and lose definition.

Favini Biancoflash_catalogo mostra 12x12 (2)

The catalogue “12×12” is available from the website of and in selected bookshops.

Amongst the numerous contributing illustrators of the “12×12” exhibitions are some recognisable names to Favini: it was Sara Ciprandi, Nicola Giorgio, Nicola Iannibello, Sonia Mion, Anna Resmini and Elisa Seitzinger who provided work for “Aperitivo”  the visual book for the Burano range of coloured papers by Favini.


More details on “Aperitivo”, the artists and their illustrations on Burano:

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