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A wedding to remember

The art of loving detail and articulating yourself for your most important day

Take two engineers with a passion for DIY and photography.
Say their next project isn’t a luxury villa pool but a romantic fairy tale wedding.
Finally take that passion and combine it with their professionalism and precision to reveal their true creativity and imagination.

The result? A ceremony that, years later, you’d still say “Wow, what an event your wedding was!”, so if it then becomes your turn to get married, you can go look at the photos and steal ideas from that, so inspired you are. A wedding that enters the heart and remains there, leaves an indelible mark not only on the wedding couple who feel it as an extension of themselves, but also and above all on their guests.

The key word is “Simplicity”.

The colours are natural, in ivory and olive shades.
The textured and opaque papers are not just beautiful to look at but also to touch.
The minimal graphics reveal an elegance and consideration that excites.

And when you look for your seat, many smiling photos of the newlyweds will greet you, bringing a joy and party feel, whilst sharing the happiest moments of their life together.

But certainly they will have leant on professional graphic designers and printers; No mistake!
The beauty of this event is that everything, absolutely everything, was created directly from the couple.

The choice of papers, for example, from when they fell upon a product whose name, that not for nothing, can mean in English “love at first sight”: sheets and cards from the Calligraphy Nature Crush collection are a masterpiece of ecology and elegance, because in this case it is obtained from the processing of olives.

In an interplay of colour contrast and tactile sensations, the newlyweds have chosen a classic, which never goes out of fashion thanks to its hammered effect surface to tease the fingertips: Calligraphy Canvas, chosen by them in its effortless white shade.

And then there are the hand-made sketches and digital print offs, wading through rivers of glue and oceans of patience, dedication, precision and above all a lot, a lot of good taste: everything is their own idea.

“Eh, and who has the time?”

“Imagine, with the drawing ability we are still at the second year of kindergarten level, and also the creativity is just …”, we already hear it, your dissatisfaction and we see you shaking your head amid a feeling of despondency and misgiving.

So what do you do, give up, end up on a stereotypical and non-descript cardstock? No way!

Favini is a guarantee for creativity, quality and elegance: the range of paper and card is immense and it will be fun to choose together the one that speaks in the best way to you.

Seeing is believing. Ah and then enjoy it and repeat this formula for all your important occasions. Password: Personality!