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About us

Favini and the thousand stories of our daily life

“At Favini we work every day to create unique papers to satisfy our desire for sustainable beauty and also your need for special products with only one purpose: To make our paper your faithful ally!”

Innovation, products, places.

We are linked to our land and to our people, whom we love and respect: Our products are made in Italy to guarantee the highest quality and the best service for our customers, but our mind is open to the whole world from where we gather ideas and inspirations.

We believe in paper and its ability to renew itself as a companion to our lives alongside the digital, smooth or rough, white or coloured: Always capable of transmitting positive sensations.

From school to office, from university to our kitchen table: Each Favini product has been designed and produced to hit the spot so you can express yourself, to help you in everyday life and to nurture your most creative side.

Create, Write, Send or File – a story that never stops, not even today.

Enter the world of Favini.