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26 Nov

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Crush and Remake were chosen by Carissimo Letterpress to make their Open Studio Event unique.

On Saturday 21st of November, during the Wien Art Week 2015, Carissimo Letterpress opened their studio doors to more than 300 visitors. All of whom had the possibility to see the vintage presses and machinery as well as to experience the pressing technique in action.

Each visitor had the opportunity to try Letterpress themselves and to make their own Christmas card.

Vienna Art Week Carissimo Letterpress Favini Crush Remake

Additional give away items that the visitors could make themselves used both wooden and lead type blocks. They created their own poster called “Eat glitter for breakfast & shine all day”.

Vienna Art Week Carissimo Letterpress Favini Crush Remake

Naturally these too were printed on Favini paper Crush and Remake.

The quality of printing results will depend on the type of paper used. The thickness is an important factor because it allows the use of a lot of pressure without breaking or damaging the paper. Favini’s ecological paper made using residues from organic by- products, Crush, is ideal for letterpress printing.

Remake is the new high-end eco-friendly Favini paper which includes leather residues. The smooth touch on a bulky surface gives superb printability also particularly suitable for letterpress.

The event gave Carissimo Letterpress the chance to try Remake, firstly for the invitations as well as during the workshop itself. The feedback are really positive and the results are amazing.

Vienna Art Week Carissimo Letterpress Favini Crush Remake

A notebook printed on Remake Sky by Carissimo Letterpress.

Carissimo Letterpress Favini Remake Crush

One of the machinery of Carissimo Letterpress Studio. This printing press has been christened Maria Addolorata.


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