Visual book black Skylines

City lights in the new black booklet “Skylines”

18 May

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A black paper isn’t simply defined by its colour. It offers a multitude of depths, hues as well as reflective or matt surfaces and can evoke an array of emotions.

Using this concept Favini decided to present a complete selection of its black papers in a special multi-brand version of a new visual book: Skylines!

With so many possibilities, there can be no better way to complement the drama and intensity of the metropolis at night.
That is why with Nero we have featured our latest range of black papers showing city skylines from around the world.

These images showcase a range of different techniques that create striking results achievable by carefully combining the right paper, image and print.

The visuals show an interesting mix of both skylines and road signs from cities worldwide. Each image chosen to complement each black paper and its different plain or coated surface finish.

The Skylines booklet is a small piece of art and each page showcases different processing and printing techniques and how they work on each of the intense black surfaces: lithography, screen printing, hot foil and embossing.

Litho print enhanced by glossy varnish on Lunar Mini Black 120 g/m2

Litho print enhanced by glossy varnish on Lunar Mini Black 120 g/m2

PUR glue binding has been chosen for a durable and flexible paperback.

A fascinating view of Rome was reproduced with high quality digital print by Ricoh Pro C7100X on The Tube Black 260 g/m2 a matt coated paper.
The result enhances the reflections of lights on the Tiber and invites us to discover more within the image.

Visual book black, Rome in Digital Dry Toner by Ricoh Pro C7100X on The Tube Black

Play of contrasts

New York and Sydney, two cities at opposite sides of the globe, are represented in the visual book with their recognizable night profiles: New York a screen print of clear gloss varnish on Majestic Satin Black 250 g/m2 and Sydney, similarly a screen print but on the cast coated paper Bindakote Black-On-Black 250 g/m2.

The city of New York emerges from the satin surface by way of a glossy varnish, while Sydney can be admired thanks to a matte effect on the gloss paper surface.

screen printing of New York on Majestic Satin Black and Sydney on Bindakote Black on Black

Hot foil

Views of two other great cities, Cologne and Moscow, have been reproduced with hot foil. The shiny hot foil glistens on Remake Midnight 250 g/m2 (Cologne) and in contrast an opaque hot foil reveals the cityscape on Classy Covers Glossy TT, Black 125 g/m2 (Moscow).
Kurz foils have been applied to these papers.

Gold hot foil Moscow and Cologne

Twill Two Sided Black 240 g/m2 with a silver hot foiled gives an amazing result: it can be admired in the image of the skyline of the modern Asian metropolis Kuala Lumpur.

Visual book black, hot foil on Twill, Kuala Lumpur on Twill Two Sided Black

Signs and symbols

Another interesting result is the technique of hot embossing used to print the image of the keys to the Vatican City on Softy Black 300 g/m2. Thanks to the correct pressure and heat setting the details of the motif can be fully appreciated.

Keys to the Vatican City on Softy Black

Keys to the Vatican City on Softy Black

The booklet ends with the latest Favini’s board Sumo Black 1 mm 700g/m2 on which is printed a STOP chinese signal, created with a double hot foil.

Chinese STOP signal on Sumo Black

Chinese STOP signal on Sumo Black


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