About us


The roots of Favini can be traced back to 1736



The mill in Rossano Veneto, Italy, was converted to a paper factory following authorisation from The Republic of Venice.


The Favini family purchased the factory in Rossano Veneto.


We wanted to add value to our production and expand into new markets, so we created a new division for making hobby papers and products for schools and offices. This division has many established brands in Italy, including - Rismaluce, Rismacqua, Palladio, Raffaello, Calligraphy and Blocco Manager.


We caused a sensation in the paper market with the introduction of Alga Carta – a special paper containing algae. In the 1990s, the Italian government asked us to find a technique to use the build-up of algae that was harming the ecosystem in the Venetian Lagoon. Favini patented the process and product of manufacturing paper using the waste material, by which the algae are dried and then ground in a special mill, before being added to paper.


The size of the company doubled with the acquisition of Cartiera di Crusinallo, a producer of Casting Release and Cast-Coated paper.


We entered into a period of restructure and change in ownership as the debts to the company became unserviceable. After a period of liquidation, the Italian operations were purchased by the private equity fund Orlando, leading a group of investors, and Favini Srl was created. The purchase of the business was officially completed in February 2009.


Launch of the new corporate identity: Favini is presented to the market with a new logo and a new corporate image simple and basic, which emphasize the new direction of the company.


Favini acquires a division of Arjo Wiggins becoming a world leader in the segment of release products.