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Full of stress? Beat it with paper art!

Modern life is a whirlwind of commitments for everyone. From office to family, from gym to the supermarket, always in a hurry and often a little stressful too. Not to mention those who work all day in front of a computer and have a great need to rest their eyes, so why not dedicate themselves from time to time to more manual and practical jobs. Sometimes what is missing is a window of creativity that allows us to give free rein to our imagination and above all to create something real.

Shaping an object with our hands undeniably gives an enormous satisfaction.  So why not try to spend an afternoon doing something different and devoting some personal time to handicrafts? Do we hear you say that you don’t have the talent of an artist and that are you impractical at do-it-yourself? That’s not the last word, we have an idea that may even surprise you and give you unexpected satisfaction.

In fact, it is just the same as of those products where we are able to more easily associate to the physical role of raw material, so the world of paper creations can be transformed by the different ways of processing it. We all know origami, it is the basis, the most famous and widespread paper transformation practice. Perhaps even with collage and decoupage we find ourselves in an altogether familiar field. But what about Paper crafting techniques such as cutting, Iris Folding, Quilling, Coiling, Popup … In short, just like those who are good at crochet but don’t get along well with knitting, so it’s the same here where you can engage in many different possibilities to find the one that’s right for you.

Imagine paper not as a single element, but on the contrary as many different materials: An antique pink tissue paper is profoundly different from a thick card tinted to a bright and sunny yellow, or a recycled paper, physical and tactile, is completely different from the metallic or sparkly variants. In short, you may not know it, but in your desk drawer you may already have a small workshop ready to start to churn out your first pieces.

In all of this we can help you, with our ranges of paper and card of every type, colour, size, weight and finish.  If we get carried away, from what started as a pastime for a rainy afternoon we could slowly create objects with a real purpose and usefulness, even at work. A few examples?

Butterflies, animals, hearts, flowers: small details of colour to add warmth and brightness into crafting. There is something for every taste and level, just start from the simplest and gradually grow in both technique and enjoyment. The satisfaction that comes from creating something beautiful with your own hands is a fuel that can sustain our highest motivation in the world. Even for the little ones there are many possibilities and levels of achievement, and here you have an activity in your hands to offer the potential for an infinite amount of stimuli and alternatives to entertain your children.

Why not propose that they turn off the TV and turn their hands to the sheets of coloured paper? Their amazement and their joy will be contagious.

Offer a block of Bristol and Prisma Colour cards, the Favini ranges designed specifically to allow and stimulate creativity: they are also available in 70×100 format, so there really is room for everything! The twelve bright and energetic colours of the Bristol collection are a classic for any kind of handicraft: smooth and bright, they bring joy just looking at them and offer a world of possibilities. Prisma Colour cards, on the other hand, are available in a range of both strong and soft shades, they have a single side with texture that gives a sense of substance to any creation.