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We’ve all been there: going back to school is always a complicated affair. On one hand, a great desire to stay on holiday, on the other we can’t wait to see our school friends again and go back to living our daily lives. Whether it is the Christmas, Carnival, Easter or Ferragosto holidays that have just ended, the story is always the same. A mixture of emotion, anxiety and curiosity. Isn’t that right?
And another inevitable step is the obligatory trip to the stationery shop to stock up on albums, notebooks, notepads and loose leaf refill pads … who hasn’t been seduced into looking at the thousands of options available, carefully selecting the brightly coloured covers, smelling the new pages, checking the shopping list for all the requests and recommendations by different teachers?

Here is a good solution to start any return on the right foot: Take a look with us at the Favini catalogue! It makes you want to draw with crayons and paints, cut and fold, take notes with a good old fashioned pen and just not rely on the modern tablet, sketch ideas and projects, create mind maps that will aid your study. We don’t mean to exaggerate, but because they are so beautiful, perhaps it might even make someone want to do their homework, all neat and precise!
We are talking about those indispensable sketchbooks, exercise books, the colourful notebooks for note making that are also environmentally friendly, the ring binders, the colourful reams of paper and card, breathing life into posters, projects, collages and so on.

The most demanding of creatives and idealistic of dreamers will not be able to do anything without these two essential lines in their backpack: The Reborn notebook, featured in articles written by both the Italian and international press, is appreciated for its beauty combined with its impeccable environmental credentials deriving from the fact its pages are created using process waste from food, leather and even seaweed from the Venice lagoon. In short, an intriguing journey within notebook form. You can also get it in sheet and envelope format: The Calligraphy reams!

Collecting them all, especially the ones with the animals on the cover, can become a fun and creative pastime. Additionally, it can be very informative!

And what about Prismacolor? The crafts made by primary school children transformed into little masterpieces of art thanks to these cards with a texture on one side, available in many colours and shades that will end up even enticing the older children. Perfect for drawing, writing, folding, cutting and gluing, they make the best base for hours of manual skills in the classroom.

But not wanting to neglect our creative product par excellence: the sketchbook! Especially when at middle school, it becomes important to choose the right one for our technical drawing and art lessons. Try Raffaello classics: smooth, rough and even squared, they perfectly meet the different demands of teachers.

Have we left our school days behind us and finally arrived at University? We are ready for this too!

I-Color, Extra, Maxi and Mini 100, App: what are these, are they codenames? No! These are notebooks of all sizes and types that will brighten desks of all ages with joy and enthusiasm. Spiral bound or stitched, squares or stripes, with soft or hard cover, with vibrant shades or soft and pastel tones, here nothing is missed. Because we know that each subject has its own specific needs and each student has their own personal tastes. We challenge you not to find the perfect match in the Favini range!

We cannot conclude this journey into the world of paper without mentioning another wonderful and no less important form of art, whose power can be expressed with pencil and paper: Music and its notation. We have also thought of this. Whether you are a beginner in reading music notes and practicing the flute or you are waiting for your last year at the conservatory, Favini has what you need.

Albomusica and Melody are notebooks created to accommodate melodies of all kinds.
Choose the one that best suits your needs and start turning small black dots into a symphony of joy and life. Real, in the material world, off-screen. We can’t wait to listen to you.