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Life notes

Oscar Wilde, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, Henri Matisse, Bruce Chatwin … what do these names have in common?

They are writers, painters, musicians, explorers… but they all share the passion for an object as small as it is precious: a notebook for notes. A travel companion that is always available to jot down thoughts, music, words, sensations, impressions, strokes of genius, splashes of colour. In short, life notes on paper

How many agendas like this can you collect, in an entire lifetime? How many notebooks of a thousand styles and colours, all in harmony with that precise period and age we are going through? That not so thin thread we are able to retrace, page after page, taking us back through our history, to that moment, to that event, that journey, that feeling when we chose to make a mark and note it down on its pages.

Perhaps it is for this reason that notebooks are much, much more than just notebooks. They are bits of our soul, loyal and trusted friends, and as such they hold a special place in our lives and on our bookshelves, in drawers, on desks. Nothing strange, then, if at Favini we also witness year after year what we can only describe, without any fear of being proven wrong, as a real notebook mania!

Could we disappoint such a great passion? On the contrary, we have dedicated three different lines to it, each one is the cream of the crop.

Idea Color is the notebook par excellence. Monochrome covers, in different colour choices, they have fine finishing detail that clearly make then an artisan product: finished with the care and attention to detail of a hand-made item, it embodies all the experience and quality of the best Made in Italy.

The coloured thread stitching makes it unique, so elegant and sophisticated in its simplicity. The cover can be personalised as desired: you can write on it, colour it, decorate it using a thousand different techniques, and there are those who have even made an all embroidered notebook.

Even the natural raw materials contribute to make it a superior grade notebook: the quality of pure paper and card and the total absence of plastic make it a beautiful and choice product!

Reborn Notebooks, really need no explanation as it is all in the name. Reborn, is a word that tells a story of respect for the planet, of ecology and of real commitment. Made with Crush and Remake paper, obtained by integrating normal cellulose with the by-product from kiwi, leather and corn processing, they are in fact a perfect demonstration of circular economy.

They demonstrate in reality how a completely and strongly sensory experience can emerge from a properly reused waste: The Reborn covers are a delight to the touch, appreciable and tactile, pleasantly rough, precisely because of the elements of the products used to create them and these particles are visual to the surface creating a new and unexpected feel.

What was previously thrown away now becomes its best value, a joy, the most beautiful and original feature of the product.

And it doesn’t end here: Reborn notebooks respect nature, but are above all irreplaceable and beautiful companions, also because they are thread-sewn.

Their covers have a selection of delicate and artistic patterns that remind us of the shapes found in nature, their blank pages are just waiting to welcome our tips, ideas, sketches, thoughts, travel and life notes, while the formats range from notebooks to small paperbacks passing through spiral bound and glued blocks, so as to meet every use and all needs.

Born, indeed reborn, to gather moments of life, they are beautiful and good because they have an important task. Discover and collect them all.