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Let the party begin!

Let the party begin! It is only personalized invitations and cards that really speak to you and are reminders of our most important moments.

We all know, paper is an indispensable companion, always present with us from our earliest years. Those abstract drawings (let’s be kind!) that we gave our parents, the first uncertain letters we copied in a squared notebook, our feeling of pride when we moved to lines, which finally made us feel grown up. And then crafts, posters, greeting cards, letters to distant friends and loved ones, reams of notes at University, documents, reports and mountains of photocopies in the office … paper has always been there, ready to let itself be transformed by our hands into precisely what we need it to be.

Why stop this love story at this auspicious point?

We give paper the honour of participating in those key moments in our lives. A surprise birthday party? The wedding you dreamed about and planned so much? The expanding family and the baby shower with friends, the christening of the new born, the first birthdays…

In short, any excuse is good to celebrate.

Favini DIY coordinated sets are the perfect solution to create small paper masterpieces that don’t just serve as a reminder of place and date, but as real pieces of life in artistic form that endure as mementos for loved ones to remember those most important times we shared together.

And let’s not forget the educational and instructional use of paper either: the little ones can have free rein with their creativity learning together with mum and dad how to create cards to give to companions and friends.

The tools of the trade?

That is easy, let us present them to you straightaway!

Rismacqua and Rismaluce are the A3 and A4 cards, available in 3 different weights, offering an irresistible palette of bright and lively or soft and delicate colours. Perfect when choosing a special colour to mark an occasion or can be mixed together to obtain original and unexpected effects, they are perfect for both printing and hand decoration and they are made with chlorine-free paper and not sourced from virgin forestry. So our creativity is also good for the Planet! And if you don’t know which one to choose, remember that there are mixed rainbow packs, to take home all the colours you need.

In short, elegant, classy, versatile and available in many finishes, colours and weights, Favini cards and papers will open up a universe of possibilities to create invitations that truly reflect you, personalized and designed precisely to fit your sentiments.

Browse our gallery for inspiration and let yourself be transported into a world of colour, textures and possibilities. Then sprinkle a bit of yourself in it and make every important moment unique. Because, as someone who knows a thing or two says, “True beauty lies in the detail”.