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In the style of calligraphy

Today we will talk about scribes in the time of the ancient Egyptians and … joking aside! To talk about the art of Calligraphy, you don’t have to brush up on our history books! Did you know that Steve Jobs decided to take a calligraphy class during his formative years? Just think, one of the greatest modern minds delighted in such an ancient art! Furthermore, Steve Jobs stated that the course had a great influence in the addition of character styles and fonts within the Mac, allowing us today to reproduce the elegance of the fonts on our luminous screens: It turns full circle, bringing us back to our beloved paper.

What is calligraphy’s meaning?

The term derives from the Greek kalos (beautiful) and grafia (writing) and refers to the art of writing in a decorative way, an art that is now making a comeback thanks to the interest of young designers.

Here at Favini we feel very fortunate when it comes to calligraphy. Our “Schizza e Strappa” blocks are in fact the favourite choice of Barbara Calzolari, an expert calligrapher whose life was transformed thanks to her penmanship. Recognized among the 12 best calligraphy masters by the “International Association of Master Penman, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting” (the world’s most famous association for calligraphy masters), today Barbara is an icon of inspiration among enthusiasts and young people who want to get close to this classic art form.

And what does the Italian Master Pen think of our “Schizza e Strappa”?

“The pad formats in which the Schizza and Strappa are available make them versatile: for courses I prefer the classic A4, for my travels I find the pocket version A5 or A6 useful, and finally, for special works, there is even an A3 version available. Perfect for cursive writing with a ballpoint pen, pencil and Pentel’s ColorBrush brush. The light weight of the sheets of 55g / m2 is ideal for these techniques; for nib and ink I recommend a heavier weight “.

What else can we add, only that we are honoured to have such a professional and artist like Barbara using our very light natural paper pads for her marvellous workshops.