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A paper Christmas

The beauty of creating with your hands the objects that will grace your home at the most magical time of the year.
Camilla loves to set her creativity free and try her hand at crafting with our products. The Christmas period is her favourite, in fact she loves the excitement of all the preparations for the big event. The smell of the food, the sharing of special moments, the decorated tree, gifts for loved ones … all stimulate her imagination! Do you too feel like Camilla?

One of her favourite activities is to create small paper ornaments and decorations and carefully place them around the house or to use them as Christmas tree decorations.

New ones are created every year, creating a unique homely atmosphere. Camilla has chosen to use RismAcqua and RismaLuce to create her paper Christmas decorations.

But it doesn’t stop here!

The paper lends itself to so many other Christmas applications, such as greeting cards and seasonal messages.

The beauty of handwriting with the feel of the paper, is an increasingly rare gesture nowadays and makes any present even more magical!

For more significant and personal messages, Camilla has chosen to use the Calligraphy Nature range, which contains the exceptional papers that are obtained from up-cycling processes. By their reuse of agricultural process waste from almonds, olives, grapes and citrus fruits as well as seaweed and leather, it is possible to choose the best shade to reflect your sentiments, whilst also transmitting a message of sustainability.

Are you ready to create your own paper Christmas? Get inspired by Favini products throughout the year!