Press room

  • 13/09/2015
    Green to Work for sustainable mobility in Favini

    Favini promotes Green To Work Week, the initiative that comes from the desire of some firms and the local public authorities of Bassano Del Grappa to promote car pooling and the use of green facilitie...
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  • 23/04/2015
    Holtz Office Support chooses Cartotecnica Favini to produce “Copic” pads

    Holtz Office Support Gmbh is known worldwide for having created the first high quality marker pen which is not full of toxic chemicals and is ideal for all styles of art. Additionally they are refilla...
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  • 19/10/2014
    Travel with the new Notebooks by Favini

    A new range of Notebooks inspired by travel. The covers are a collection of creative photographs from all over the world. A line dedicated to all those who love writing travel notes or perhaps travell...
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  • 08/09/2014
    Crush has given life to Nature Calligraphy

    Favini adds Nature Calligraphy to the Correspondence Collection. The new set uses Crush, the range of papers made using process residues from organic products to replace up to 15% of virgin tree pulp....
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  • 27/03/2013
    Cartotecnica Favini to be technical sponsor for Accademia Teatro Alla Scala and "Violetta e i colori dell'opera", an art contest for primary schools in the province of Milan

    Favini has announced a sponsorship with La Scala Academic Foundation for the visual arts contest “VIOLET IS THE COLOUR OF THE OPERA”, in collaboration with the City of Milan and Edison S.p...
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  • 28/08/2011
    Favini Shop is online

    Favini, a specialist paper manufacturer with a history of over 100 years, is now online with its brand new shop. The company’s most popular graphic papers and school/office products can now be p...
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  • 07/04/2011
    Favini invites you to visit the Parco Natura Viva

    Buying a exercise book Favini line "Extinction park" and "Natura Viva", get a discount on admission to the Parco Natura Viva - Bussolengo (VR) and involved actively in the development of projects to p...
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  • 27/03/2011
    Favini: the new Cartotecnica website is online

    The new website of Cartotecnica Favini, the converting division of the historical Venice papermaker Favini, is online. The website showcases detailed information about all Cartotecnica products for sc...
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  • 23/01/2011
    Favini: brand new collections at Paperworld 2011

    Bag, Box and Tag, Majestic Satins, Favini Digital and the Cartotecnica office and school products on show at the Frankfurt fairFavini will present a number of brand new collections along with other in...
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