Applications and uses

The key strength of Favini Release Paper is the versatility and breadth of PVC and PU product applications it can be used for.

These products are primarily used in a number of end-use sectors primarily for the fashion and automotive industries. Products are also manufactured for technical and medical uses.

Clothing, upholstery, footwear, belts, handbags, luggage and upholstery

Automotive industry
Car trims and seat covers and furnishings for yachts and boats

Mobile devices and computing
Covers and cases for phones, tablets and computers

Other uses
Industrial foam sealing products and PVC flooring

car-panel red-bag

Eco-friendly products

Favini is proud to present a new product line:
WR2 (silicon papers)

Favini WR2 is the only paper fully qualified for water-based PU products. This ensures solvent-free production – in line with the most recent guidelines for reducing the environmental impact.