The manufacturing process

The process

The paper manufacturing process begins when the long and short-fiber cellulose, from well-managed forests, is mixed with water to obtain the pulp which feeds our paper machine. Our continuous paper machine transforms the pulp into jumbo rolls of base paper ready to be coated and embossed.

Our high-speed coating lines give the paper the required gloss level, release effect and touch. After coating it can be sold as plain paper or embossed with one of our many designs.

In the embossing the design is transferred to the paper from an engraved steel roll. It’s a delicate step of the production process, it takes infinite care and control of many variables to ensure uniform design detail and depth.

At the end jumbo rolls of paper are cut into the length and height required by the customer, then they are properly packed and shipped worldwide. All production phases are supported by continuous investments in modern technologies including automation and computerized controls, quality control, online defect detection and full traceability of every manufacturing stage.

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Coating Process

By coating on the casting release reel with layers of PVC, polyurethane (PU) or other resins materials for wide range of industrial fields are obtained. Synthetic leather from such a process is used for shoes, bags, upholstery, garment and many other applications.

The casting resins are dried in high temperature ovens and backing fabric is applied before the release and the consequent separation of the coated material from the paper.

Paper is carefully rewound and used several times before losing its release properties.

Transfer coating

Transfer coating is the process that uses casting release paper as a carrier in order to fix leather-like effects onto finished products.

Why ‘release’?

The name ‘casting release’ comes from the characteristic industrial process: the casting resins are coated on and then released from the paper thanks to its unique surface properties.

The uniqueness of our embossing and the uniformity of our supports makes Favini casting paper essential to satisfy a wide range of applications and make our customers’ products truly special.