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Favini at Packaging Innovation London 2018

03 Sep

Olympia London, 12-13 September 2018 – Stand G40

Skylines Favini Nero a Packaging Premiere

Favini bring the full range of black papers and boards to showcase at Packaging Innovations and Luxury Packaging 2018 at Olympia London 12-13 September.

At booth G40 Favini shines thanks to the city lights of the black booklet “Skylines”, the visual book that combines printing techniques and black papers to illuminate metropolitan nightscapes.

A black paper offers a multitude of depths, hues as well as reflective or matt surfaces and can evoke an array of emotions. Using this concept, Favini decided to present a complete selection of its black papers in the special cross-brand visual book “Skylines”.

The visual book is the ideal reference tool for the designer who is developing a packaging and communication project using black paper. Each page shows every available paper and board in black and their printability.

The images of city skylines showcase a range of different techniques that create striking results achievable by carefully combining the right paper, image and print. Each image chosen to complement each Favini black paper and its different plain or coated surface finish.

1 Box Sylcom on Majestic Favini/ Design: Intothesign

Box Sylcom on Majestic Favini/ Design: Intothesign

The Skylines booklet is a small piece of art and each page showcases different processing and printing techniques and how they work on each of the intense black surfaces: lithography, hot foil and embossing, digital and screen printing.

Il ‘Black Book’ che ha vinto i German Design Awar0064 2017 con rilegatura moderna e copertina in carta Twist black 120 g/m2. Design by Dániel L. Németh e Zalán Péter Salát.

Black book with Twist cover/ Design: Lead82 community, Dániel L. Németh and Zalán Péter Salát

At the booth, Favini showcase examples of superb packaging produced with black papers.

Favini Nero a Packaging Premiere - Burano Quarella

Box Quarella on Burano Favini/ Design: ADpress

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