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Urban Rhythm for The Tube

26 Feb

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The new visual book for The Tube allows us to observe urban landscapes from a different point of view.

The theme chosen to accompany the refresh of the Favini paper range that has a smooth and deeply opaque surface is one of “Urban Rhythm”.

We looked at urban landscapes and sought to find elements of unintended art within urban clutter and turned this into an art that is intended. Playing a game between the smooth and the textured surface.

Stesso soggetto ma con supporto diverso: la pagina a sinistra è stampata su The Tube Dust, mentre quella di desta su The Tube Graphite.

Same subject, different colour paper: The Tube Dust and The Tube Graphite.

The concept behind The Tube visual book is of rhythm in architecture characterized by intentional repetition of similar shapes, lines and motifs.

Sometimes rhythms and patterns in our urban landscapes are not originating from the conscious choice of architects and planners, but are the unintended consequences through the passage of time and the changes to our lifestyles created by the adoption of technology, or, even perhaps from the unavoidable process of decay.

Somehow the idea of interspersing dead flat surface with the textured version of the same paper has generated a rhythm of its own.

We selected to print this theme on The Tube – Favini’s paper known for its unmistakable dead flat finish – as we considered it would be an interesting challenge as well as the perfect way to introduce the new texture called Hide.

2 colori – Chalk e Toffee - e 2 superfici diverse – liscia e goffrata Hide – sulle quali è stata stampata la stessa immagine.

Two colours and two different surfaces: smooth and embossed Hide.

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Urban images turned upside down and printed on Favini’s matt paper The Tube

The slipcover of the “Urban Rhythm” visual book is printed on The Tube Chalk Hide embossed version. The interplay of print, surfaces and colours gives an interesting result: the new texture is instantly visible in dark printed areas, whilst it a milder and subtle effect is achieved when lighter colours are printed.

Favini The Tube Urban Rhythm (6)

The impression that is created is that of being in front of a real wall, this is created by a single pass of black ink on The Tube Mud: the tactile surface of the paper becomes an intrinsic element of the image and invites us to touch the cover.

La copertina del visual book The Tube “Urban Rhythm” è stampata con un passaggio di nero su The Tube Mud 340g/m2

The cover of The Tube visual book “Urban Rhythm” is printed od The Tube Mud 340g/m2.

The first page is printed with silkscreen gloss varnish. The inter- play between the gloss and the matt surface of The Tube Hide paper creates a special effect. It is the shiny gloss reflections that emphasize the Hide embossed finish, highlighting the perfect depth and relief of the design.

Stampa con vernice lucida serigrafica su The Tube Hide, Black Max 120g/m2.

Silk screen gloss varnish on The Tube Hide, Black Max 120g/m2.

The next image printed on The Tube Petrol, allows us to observe the colour performance of a litho plus UV white print. Thanks to UV use there is an increased colour saturation which gives a striking effect.

Stampa litografica con inchiostro bianco UV sulla carta The Tube Petrol 120g/m2.

Litho print plus UV white on The Tube Petrol 120g/m2.

We wanted to demonstrate how to enhance details on such an extremely opaque paper as The Tube: as a result of the hot foiling technique, the windows of the buildings become outstanding details that really enhance the final print.

Stampa litografica con lamina color rame stampata su The Tube Black Max, la versione del Black ottimizzata per una maggiore resistenza alle marcature.

Litho plus hot foil print on The Black Tube Max, the Black version optimized for greater resistance to the markings.

From the exterior of modern buildings to abstract details of infrastructures, we have tested the possibilities of print on The Tube even including a silk screen print. Detail of a trellis pattern has been printed on The Black Max version of The Tube using a vibrant and contrasting colour made by a silkscreen print.

The Tube restituisce ottimi risultati di stampa in serigrafia.

The Tube returns excellent results when silk screen printed.

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