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12 Apr

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Following last year’s success, we are thrilled to announce the second edition of the FIP award, in collaboration with Fruit Exhibition; aimed at the best prototypes of artistic books, independent publishing projects and zines for print on Favini paper.

Fruit Exhibition is an art publications fair in Bologna that brings together independent printed and digital works including art books, catalogues, graphic design projects, periodicals and zines. One of its goals, which is also shared by Favini, is to support independent publishing, also known as Indie Publishing, and this specifically led to the creation of the first FIP competition.

The last edition of the award was developed around the theme ‘Humour’ intended as the art of making people laugh and declared the “Veicoli Fantastici” project by Elisa Caroli for Lökzine the winner.

“Veicoli Fantastici” is an art book, printed on Favini paper, that speaks about ecology, travel and the visual arts with 14 contributing authors from different fields of art and who created fantastical transport forms to imagine a better world.

This year Favini continues to support creativity and together with Fruit Exhibitions, has created a new and stimulating brief for this second edition of the FIP competition.

The theme of the FIP award 2021: The journey

In recent years, the theme of the journey has often been interpreted in an unusual way by independent publications and never as before during this abnormal period of restrictions, has it been loaded with such great evocative force: Itinerary experiences, visual stories that combine poetry and information often told from the artistic perspective of the writer, photographer, designer and artist.

In June 2021, we will discover the best interpretation of the journey from an indie publishing context and the winner of the prize offered by Favini.

Who is FIP the award aimed at?

The FIP competition, organized by Fruit Exhibition and Favini, is open to all artists, creatives, designers, printers, musicians, publishers who want to immerse themselves in the idea of the journey and who have editorial, visual and sound, projects to share showing their imaginative and creative response to the brief.

Also in light of the forced immobility of this current year, we especially look forward to receiving, viewing and perhaps even rewarding your work.

Favini has always supported individual creativity and inventiveness; for this reason, the aim of the competition is to bring out the expressive energy of the independent publishing sector, to encourage and pay homage to all artists and creatives who have chosen the book or magazine as a form of expression.

How does it work? The basic rules and the link to the FIP call for entry

The competition is free and aimed at all artists and publishers who will present an unpublished editorial project that investigates the theme of the journey and stands out for its technical and analytical research in relation to the contents.

Each participant can submit to the FIP award one or more editorial proposals in digital PDF format using any technique, to be received no later than 12.00 on 1 June 2021.

The jury, made up of professionals and experts in the sector, reserves the right to assign the prize only if at least one of the proposals received is considered worthy and compatible with the formal, contextual and informative aspects identified by the jurors.

The FIP prize consists of publication support to the value of 1000 euros, which will be provided by Favini. The winning publication will also have the opportunity to become part of the Fruit Exhibition traveling bookshop.

For more information and to download the announcement and the rules

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