The Flow of Creativity: paper doesn’t stop!

22 Apr

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Paper is a material synonymous with creativity. It is used as the support for both art and design work: from a painting that is to be exhibited to packaging that contains products and even used as the material to create fashion accessories.

Art catalogues, packaging, books, notebooks, artworks, shopping bags and creative projects have one material in common: Paper.

Creativity and Resilience

Starting from our childhood, paper has contributed to our cognitive, motor, social and emotional development. [1] Creativity, together with art, is essential for the child as it increases the ability to solve problems in an innovative way. [2] This experience becomes useful as adults when we are faced with unexpected situations, such as the impact to our daily lives created by Covid-19.

Quilling is the art of cutting and rolling strips of paper, the sheet is transformed and takes a 3D shape that allows us to also create artworks. Find out more about quilling and its benefits in the interview with Elena Marconato: Quilling: the art of paper curls.

In such difficult and unexpected times, creativity continues to be a source of individual and social resilience, as well as one of the main ways we can find a solution to a problem [3]. This pandemic is forcing us to rethink our life and our business models, in response to the emergency as well as Post-Covid and resilience will be one factor to play a fundamental role in this.

What is meant by resilience? Brian Walker explains that resilience consists in the ability to absorb disturbances, reorganize and continue to function. Among the key attributes, he identifies is the ability for innovation and creativity [4]. So in acknowledging that, let us now return to the theme that is close to us:paper.

Paper is an essential material in our daily lives, even when we are not fully aware of it. During this time, paper is the material of the book that has kept us company during quarantine, the coloured sheets of paper with which children has spent time, becoming little artists, the notebooks on which we have taken notes, the packages we received when purchasing online, tissue rolls that assisted us in the kitchen (and elsewhere! …), delicious printed recipes, the unexpected letter that was received at Easter or we would have liked to have received as a gesture of closeness from a loved one. How have you experienced paper?

Paper accompanies us in our daily lives, it is the support for reading, drawing, creating artworks or for inspiration through creative activities.

Before, during and we even trust after the pandemic, paper will play a fundamental role to our lives. Assocarta has created a video called #lagentedellacarta (people of the paper) and it is for a campaign to explain how this material is always remaining at the forefront [5] .

With our bite sized video, we show that we too have not stopped. Instead we have adapted to the anti-contagion requirements, applying all the precautionary measures necessary to make our Favini team safe and to preserve public health.

The inconvenience of wearing gloves and a mask has not blocked the energy and resilience with which we face the evolution of the situation.

Here we see the passage of a laboratory sample of our newest product Refit, the ecological paper produced with residues from the textile industry, passing from Ketty’s hands in our Quality and Innovation area, to Roberto in production, reaching over to Roberta who takes care of logistics that sends the paper all over the world. It crosses over to the swatches and samples for designers and is represented here by our Emilio, who is managing the entire graphic department of Favini who are in remote smart working mode.

A short video bringing together the key points of Favini that intersect with each other, creating a flow: innovation, sustainability, quality, customer orientation and design.

A demonstration of how Favini, with creativity, manages to guarantee a material for creativity.


Thanks to our “actors” and to the entire Favini teams that they represent for being at the forefront during these extraordinary conditions.

Cast, clockwise: Ketty Costacurta – Technical Assistance, Roberto Marin – Assistente Responsabile Allestimento, Roberta Valentini – Logistics and Programming Manager, Emilio Marchiorello – Graphic Designer.


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