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26 Nov

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The upcoming festivities take us to a place where sparkles and luxury are a must have. Not only with clothes, where you can amaze by dressing in a sparkling outfit but also with greeting cards, the invitations to the company dinner or with the placeholders for the New Year’s dinner.

What better paper than shiny Majestic to create these graphic projects?

Metallic colours are a growing trend, as Pantone confirms with the creation of their new Metallic Shimmers made to meet the increasing importance of the metallic finish for fashion and product design.[1]

To show the iridescence and metallic reflection of Majestic paper, Favini introduces “Peacocks”, the visual book inspired by the vibrant colours of peacock feathers and uses a variety of styles, contexts and interpretations.

Continue reading and browse through the Majestic visual book of metallic papers with us.

Metallic surfaces and coloured shimmers from Majestic in the “Peacocks” brochure

Peacocks have achieved a special status in many cultures: Their iridescent feathers unequalled in nature are an example of natural selection.

Artists, photographers and master artisans worldwide have tried to imitate the shimmering reflections of these feathers and to appropriate and interpret the patterns created by these feathers with their quintessential eye-shaped design.

These include William Morris, British artist and writer one of the main founders of the Arts and Crafts movement, considered to be a pioneer for modern design, and photographer Varun Aditya, named as Photographer of the year 2016 (1st prize) by Natgeo Nature.

The result is the brochure “Peacocks” that fully enhances the surfaces, gleams and is rich with vivid colours, from the Majestic metallic papers.

Browsing through the pages, the collection of images span from the historical to the contemporary, serve to exploit the iridescence and metallic reflections of the Majestic paper creating prints of a rare beauty, starting from the cover.

Both the cover and slipcover are litho printed. The slipcover reproduces the colours of the feathers and details the texture from the Favini logo on Majestic Snow White, while the cover beneath uses a silver print onto Majestic Blue Satin.

On each of the visual book pages, the elegance and colours of the peacock are enhanced by the shimmering surface of Majestic, allowing us to admire the photographic image by Ben Denison on Majestic Snow White 250gsm.

Photograph of Ben Denison on Majestic Snow White 250gsm printed in litho.

It is not only through photographs, but we have also played with the shapes and colours of the peacock through different illustrations and print techniques. The pattern created by the stylized illustration of the peacock’s feathers and their characteristic eye shape was reproduced with an oleographic hot foil on Majestic Lime Green Satin.

Illustration by Curly Patt printed with hot foil on Majestic Lime Green Satin.

Turning the page, reveals another artistic interpretation of these feathers. This is a photograph by Francisco Garcia Salas Muller where the colour of the paper support plays a fundamental role by integrating with the colours of the image: The photograph is in fact printed on the green satin paper Majestic Lime Green Satin.

Photograph by Francisco Garcia Salas Muller on Majestic Lime Green Satin 250 gr on the left page; Catherine Ledner on Majestic Chameleon Light Blue 250 gsm on the right-hand page.

On the next page, the Chameleon Light Blue colour, with its delicate nuance and pearlescence, frames the peacock image taken by the photographer Catherine Ledner, winner of American Photography 2014, and reproduced on Majestic metallic paper.

Re-imagine the classic arrangement of colour when you print on white paper and try to guess the colour of Majestic on which the following is photographic image is printed.

Photograph by Darrell Gutin on Majestic Luxus Real Gold 250gsm, the gold-coloured metallic paper combined with the print for an extraordinary result.

The colour of the metallic paper on which the image of the feathers was reproduced is Luxus Real Gold, one of the three golden variants of Majestic, the others are Mellow Yellow and Gold Fever. In this case the gold tone of the paper becomes an integral part of the print.

To light up the Majestic visual book with gold we made a new luxury card on Majestic Gold Fever, the golden shade launched at Luxepack Monaco. The page was embellished with a blind emboss and foil by Kurz.

The illustration by Bokasana made on Majestic Gold Fever.

The most interesting detail? Surely the embossing that adds three-dimensionality to the card.

Click here to discover Majestic and request your copy of the visual book and swatch to let yourself be inspired by Majestic: a range of special papers to create shine, where gold glows, silver reflects, refined satin surfaces and colours of magical metallic beauty adds glamour and elegance to graphic projects.



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