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13 Oct

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We have been inspired by the different materials around us to reflect on the many different shades that a white paper can have, such as our Biancoflash.

In the world of communication, design, graphics and printing, white is not a simple colour, but it is in fact an infinite number of shades to discover: from the brightest white to the warm shades of ivory.

Biancoflash, the high quality white paper for packaging and communication

We have looked at the different shades of white that the Biancoflash paper range offers: from white to ivory.

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Biancoflash is the classic brand from Favini and has always been synonymous with high quality white paper.

Designers, companies and printers appreciate Biancoflash paper range for both its high quality as well as its versatility: It is the ideal support for a brochures and for many other uses within design and communication; perfect as an offset paper and for other print and finishing techniques.

Thanks to its four shades of white, Biancoflash offers to the world of graphics and designers a wide choice during the design phase.

You can choose between the four different shades of white in the Biancoflash range:

  • Premium, brightest white and excellent smoothness
  • Master, a must-have of the white paper range
  • Natural, the newest shade that responds to the current trend
  • Ivory, the elegant ivory version

To help you choose between these white papers, but above all to inspire you, we have mixed and matched the shades from the Biancoflash range with materials that are encountered in the design field.

Biancoflash Premium: the bright white

Biancoflash Premium, reminds us of marble with its smooth surface and bright white tone. It gives particular brightness and elegance to packaging and fine print.

White marble has always been the favourite material for sculpture. Thanks to its colour, that evokes a refined elegance, with its natural beauty and to its particular brilliance, in addition to its versatile handling possibilities, makes marble a material much loved by artists, architects and designers.

White marble is characterized by the presence of calcite, which determines its typical bright colour. The special formulation of Biancoflash Premium also ensures an absolute white tint to the paper.

Biancoflash Master: the simplicity of pure white

Biancoflash Master is Favini’s white paper characterized by a smooth surface and a classic purity to its the white colour.

The shades and smooth surface of river pebbles found in a mountain landscape is reminiscent of the pure white of Biancoflash Master, taking the intermediate tone between Premium and Natural, in the pure simplicity of white.

This paper ensures excellent printing results as a support for the creation of brochures, prestige publishing, packaging and design projects.

Biancoflash Natural: delicate and natural white

Biancoflash Natural paper is characterized by its delicate shade of white and pleasantly smooth surface, developed according to current market trends it meets the need for a paper with a natural shade of white.

Biancoflash Natural reminds us of the white of ceramics, such as these pots made by Katharina Klug and which combines colour contrasts and imperfect lines onto the natural white of the ceramics.

We find this image in the visual book “Potter’s Wheel” and is printed on Biancoflash Natural. Discover the other artworks reproduced on Biancoflash in this booklet in the article “Clay takes shape on Biancoflash“.

Biancoflash Ivory: the classic and warm ivory

With its elegant shade, Ivory is the warmest and most captivating shade amongst the four colours in the Biancoflash range.

Alabaster, a limestone rock used since prehistoric times to create various objects and sculptures, has an ivory white colour that is sometimes tinged with a honey-yellow, which, when compared to the bright white of the marble, reminds us of the subtle grace of the ivory shade of Biancoflash Ivory.

This ivory-coloured paper with a pleasantly smooth surface was developed to enhance printing and packaging projects with a warm colour and compelling performance.

Examples of Biancoflash applications

Inside the Biancoflash visual book “Potter Wheel” Favini’s range of white and ivory papers, are a collection and printed works of six ceramists alongside their favourite tools that they used to make them.

Through the artworks and tools photographed and printed on Biancoflash, we demonstrate the high quality and versatility of print across all the different shades of these white papers from Favini.

The tools used by the different ceramists have been printed on the four shades of white of Biancoflash: Premium, Master, Natural and Ivory. Find out more about Biancoflash’s visual book in the article “Clay takes shape on Biancoflash “.

Biancoflash, thanks to its four shades of white and extensive range, makes it widely appreciated by designers and graphics during the creative and design phase. It is considered as the ideal support for creating premium brochures and for numerous applications in the field of communication and design.

VZNstudio and Nurant chose the Premium shade for printing their 12×12 catalogue which reproduces artistic illustrations. Find out more about this project in the article “12X12, a century of fashion through illustration“.

The Nurant and VZNstudio’s 12×12 catalogue printed on Biancoflash Premium.

Biancoflash is one of the most popular and preferred media specified for printing brochures and art books, it is a paper that gives excellent print results. The Agapecasa interior design brochure was printed on Biancoflash Master, whilst the art exhibition book REUSE was printed on Biancoflash paper using the Natural shade.

Agapecasa furniture brochure printed on Favini’s Biancoflash Master.

REUSE exhibition book printed on Favini’s white paper Biancoflash Natural.

While the Ivory shade of Biancoflash was chosen to make the Monsanto Castle brochure.

Biancoflash Ivory by Favini for the Monsanto Castle brochure.

Not just for brochures or communication materials, Favini’s white paper range Biancoflash is also used for packaging, such as this box from cosmetic brand Danny Wonker.

Danny Wonker’s packaging made with Favini’s Biancoflash white paper.

Go to the Pinterest gallery to see many other examples of applications made with Favini’s white paper Biancoflash.

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