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Flat 500 on Dolce Vita

14 May

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The new visual book of Dolce Vita “Flat 500” presents some artworks from the “Pressed Flowers” series by Ron Arad demonstrating page after page of excellent printing results on Dolce Vita.

Dolce Vita is the Favini paper that is characterized by optimal rigidity and a high bulk combined with an unusual and innovative touch sensation, to make it the perfect paper for catalogues with high aesthetic performance. It is a favourite product choice for any discerning print and packaging application.

Flat 500: the 500 crushed and transformed into works of art, printed on Dolce Vita

Ron Arad is an Israeli designer, architect and artist.

One of the subjects of his artistic work is the iconic 500 that, after being pressed and transformed into works of art, were printed for the new Dolce Vita visual book.

Ron Arad’s crushed vintage Fiat 500, titled “Pressed Flowers”, resemble aluminium cans run over by cars. For Arad, crushing the cars, which some would view as sacrilege, turns them into works of art and ultimately preserves them.

Una delle 500 di Ron Arad stampata in quadricromia su Dolce Vita Bianco - a sinistra - e su Dolce Vita Avorio - a destra.

One of Ron Arad’s 500 printed in CMYK on Dolce Vita White – on the left – and on Dolce Vita Ivory – on the right.

The artworks, featured in exhibitions in New York, Torino, Tel Aviv and Moscow are part of Arad’s counter-intuitive approach to creativity, as evidenced by his output whether it be through architecture, furniture or, well, just about every design discipline.

Then there is his appreciation of the classic “cinquecento” – Arad himself owns a vintage 500.

Grazie all’ottima resa di stampa di Dolce Vita i dettagli della carrozzeria sembrano emergere dal foglio di Dolce Vita Bianco e Avorio.

Thanks to the excellent print performance of the paper, printed on both the Dolce Vita White and Ivory paper, the car body details seem to emerge out from the sheet.

This is our cue to introduce our quietly beautiful paper, Dolce Vita, which enables high definition print whilst maintaining the tactile characteristics of an uncoated paper – a kind of flat classic of our own.

Favini Dolce Vita visual book (2)

The 500 blue pressed by Ron Arad and printed on the visual book “Flat 500” allows us to compare two different printing techniques: the page on the left is litho printed on Dolce Vita Prisma Soft White, while the right page is printed with an addition of acrylic varnish on to the Dolce Vita White. In both cases, the print result is excellent.

La carta Dolce Vita si caratterizza per l’eccezionale risoluzione, la brillantezza e la resa delle immagini.

The Dolce Vita paper is characterized by exceptional colour resolution, brightness and image output similar to a matt coated paper.

A new ivory shade for Dolce Vita

The Dolce Vita range was recently refreshed, and launched at Paperworld 2019.  The addition of the new line of Dolce Vita ivory shade complements its traditional white version.

As well, for an even greater tactile experience, the range now also includes a felt-marked version Dolce Vita Prisma Soft White.

The Dolce Vita range includes two shades – White and Ivory – plus a felt-marked version.

Follow the Dolce Vita gallery on Pinterest, to find examples and inspirations for creative projects and luxury catalogues.

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