‘A puro caso’ wins the second edition of FIP

06 Sep

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Favini has been supporting independent publishing for many years through its support at Fruit Exhibition,  an art publications fair in Bologna.

Together since 2020 we have created the FIP competition, aimed at discovering the best art book prototypes, independent publishing projects and zines to be realised on Favini paper.

The first edition was won by ‘Veicoli Fantastici’, an art book that talks about ecology, travel and the visual arts created from the contribution of 14 authors from different fields of art. They created fantasy vehicles imagining a better and more sustainable world.

The theme chosen for the second edition is the journey that is full of great evocative force, which following the recent pandemic events feels particularly resonant We will find out below the winner of the 2021 edition.

‘a puro caso’ wins the second FIP edition

‘a puro caso’ by photographer Marcello Ruvidotti is the winning editorial project of the 2021 FIP award.

The idea was conceived from the discovery of a collection of correspondence letters. In 1941, Marcello’s grandparents began an exchange of letters: “She is a Lombard girl who began writing as a voluntary war godmother, he is a young soldier sent to the front in Albania in ‘41 for the Epirus campaign.” This conversation, initially between strangers, soon becomes a love story that will last for their entire life.

Marcello finds these letters after the death of his grandmother and so begins to reconstruct through the writings by mapping the physical and psychological itinerary travelled by his grandfather during the war.

Then in 2017 this itinerary takes the form of a real trip to the Balkans, in search of those past places. Some places have been found, others have only been imagined.

The photographic journal that accompanied the trip is contained in this project, together with the photos and texts from the letters written by his grandfather. An emotional and physical journey that begins with the first letter and ends with the first meeting between the two lovers; in between is the waiting, the fear, a desire to return home and war stories.

December 1941
“Those who have not tried the wait do not know what it is. I think a gruesome reality is better.”

A love story begun thanks to the printed page, which always carries the purest feelings and emotions.

Other finalist projects

The other creatives who also immersed themselves in the theme of travel and achieved exceptional results.
Here are the 10 finalists of the award:

  • A Puro Caso by Marcello Ruvidotti
  • An airport where planes don’t land by Camilla Mazzocato
  • Hidden Hills by Cornelia Thonhauser
  • La palette bretonne by Daria Tommasi
  • Paràdeisos by Roberta Esposito
  • Sedra by Marta Guidotti
  • Sound Envelopes by Nicoletta Favari
  • Sul Drago Playground by Irene Penazzi
  • Terminal by Alessandro Didio
  • Vago by Margherita Borghesi

Camilla Mazzocato’s “An airport where planes don’t land” project focuses on the impossibility of leaving for unknown countries during these current times. Thus the missed trip just now is imaginary and so is experienced through the photos and reviews of other users.

Cornelia Thonhauser’s “Hidden Hills” is set in the lands of the American West; it is the author’s journey to recover the essence of a forgotten ancestor.

Daria Tommasi’s work “La Palette Bretonne” contains a series of hand drawings accompanied by short texts, relaying the slow process of discovering a new place.

“Paràdeisos” by Roberta Esposito is aesthetically presented as an herbarium with botanical illustrations and scientific descriptions.

Marta Guidotti with “Sedra” details the testimony of second generation refugee children, who leave their country to start a university course in Italy.

Nicoletta Favari presented “Sound Envelopes”: A series of collaborations between two musicians and a variety of print artists, met while traveling. The project is conceived as a combination of an art print and a song inspired by the experience of a place.

“Sul Drago Playground” by Irene Penazzi tells the story of a huge red dragon in a playground. Climbed on, the queue and eight children’s journey begins through an adventurous path full of challenges and obstacles.

Alessandro Didio presented “Terminal” a collection of photographs, or rather screenshots, of places taken from Google Maps showing their imperfections that make them unique.

“Vago” by Margherita Borghesi is a journey of fantasy, in which the character begins to wander with the mind. Driven by the desire to be guided by the imagination, in an attempt to escape boredom.

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