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A colour tour

05 Oct

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For the third chapter of the visual book Aperitivo, printed entirely on Burano tinted paper.

This Favini blog post travels on a journey following the spread of the Aperitivo culture: from Northern Italy and other European cities, reaching the ultimate cosmopolitan metropolis.

In Venice with Nicola Giorgio

Freelance illustrator Nicola Giorgio, is part of the Muttnik collective and opens this tour through a representation of Venice. A city that starts this post, is of course intrinsically linked to the origins of the paper on which the illustration is printed: Burano, the Venetian island famous for its colourful houses and is the high quality tinted paper range, available in 35 colours. (Read more

Pantone 7648 gives shape to a surreal Venetian setting.

Pantone 7648 gives shape to a surreal Venetian setting.

A Chinese box structure: the traditional cicchetti of Venetian bacari surround a goblet of wine that embraces two lovers in the gondola. This is a monochromatic representation of the Venetian aperitivo and is printed offset litho.

From UE to US with Loris F. Alessandria

Europe gave birth to Aperitivo, and then became fashionable overseas, assuming different connotations (ed: that is the reason why we don’t translate the word!)
The illustration of Loris F. Alessandria, eloquently depicts this expansion: as a waiter passes between a European bar onto an American rooftop.

Loris F. Alessandria in Aperitivo Burano Favini

“What was the creative process associated with this work?”

“According to the brief, I let myself be inspired by the colour of the two papers to create two different worlds, set by day and night and I thought of drawing a waiter passing from one world to the other.
I worked leaving many blank spaces in the drawing to give importance to the paper and to make the two things cohesive. The choice of colours is based on the paper shade, choosing shades of blue and purple ink, for a pleasant contrast. Using gold helps to better define the two environments and makes some detail stand out in the illustration.
I wanted to give a fresh and modern edge, however, I added some retro touches, like the shape of cocktail glasses and the waiter’s appearance.”

International trends: VZN and Hikimi

The illustrations of VZNstudio and Roberto Blefari aka Hikimi make us understand how much today the Aperitivo menu has changed: vegan drinks, bio-centrifuges, km0 smoothie with gmo free pinzimonio – Italian style Crudités and gluten free crisps. There are many acronyms, all though have one certainty: each nutritional style determines the different Aperitivo.

VZNstudio and Roberto Hikimi Blefari in Aperitivo Burano Favini

Many green Pantones colours were used for the illustration of VZNstudio printed silk screen: 370 for darker elements, 372 for lighter detail with 374 creating the glass outline and celery stalk. The latter colour matches the side of the page in Burano Light Green.

The illustration created by Roberto Blefari aka Hikimi was printed litho: first is white for the background to underpin elements of the CMKY printed. An exercise to understand how to enhance a print on an intensely coloured background: a page to study!

Everywhere but never alone!

From Belgium, Antonio Lapone portrays a scene where Aperitivo gets hot! A two-colour offset print – Pantone 877 silver and black – drawing in your vision. Note: If the illustration were printed on a white paper, could it convey the same sensuality?

The die-cut window on Burano Red Fire creates a sensual view created by Lapone.

The die-cut window on Burano Red Fire creates a sensual view created by Lapone.

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