Monitoring and Innovation: these two of the good practices are used by Favini to reduce their energy use. The consumption of energy constitutes a heavy environmental burden for the paper industry. It is also in respect for the Planet that Favini seeks to gain these improvements.

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Water consumption

Water is a precious resource for life, and is one of the main elements used in paper manufacture. Favini has therefore considers it essential in its approach to manage it in a way that reduces waste, and invest in crucial areas such as water recycling, reuse and efficiency.

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Like any industrial process, paper manufacturing also generates climate-changing emissions. Favini is committed to monitoring and recording the emissions associated to its production activities and reducing them through a series of actions.

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Environmental projects

Virgin forests are one of the world’s most precious resources. As well as absorbing the CO2 that is responsible for climate change they protect animal and plant biodiversity, are home to indigenous communities and create a source of livelihood for millions of people. Therefore, Favini is committed to actively protecting such an environment in one of the most vulnerable places on the planet, Madagascar, through the project Voiala.

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