Project Voiala: the latest report from Madagascar

17 Feb

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Favini, in keeping with its strong, long-standing sense of social and environmental responsibility, has published the results achieved during the last quarter of 2015 by the Voiala project, aimed at safeguarding the ecosystem of Madagascar.

Every three months, a report offers all participants an update on the project’s progress; on sowing and planting, the management of the community vegetable gardens and the promotion of its local farm produce.

Two new plant nurseries were created during the last quarter of 2015, one in the vicinity of the Ambalamarina Fokontany Andohamarodita village and another near Andoharena Fokontany Ambalavohomay.

There are currently 9.000 new plants available, 7.400 eucalyptus trees and 1.600 dalbergia, ready to be planted to aid reforestation in these two new areas.

To complement this operation, theoretical and practical training is provided to a number of local inhabitants on the proper management of the two new nurseries.

Additionally in the areas of Lithitafy Sarina and Ialalava, new trees have been planted, including eucalyptus, ash and acacia, as well as fruit trees such as the medlar.

Voiala Favini Madagascar

Since 2011, the Voiala project has been a local partner of Slow-Food International, with the implementation of the project “10,000 gardens in Africa for Madagascar”. December 2015 saw the start of the second stage; the installation of plaques into the gardens following the Slow-Food philosophy, distinguishing them from others.

Training courses were organised for the representatives of the communities involved, aimed at raising awareness of the values represented by Slow-Food and broadening their knowledge in the field of agroecology.

Read the latest report, available in French: click here.

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