The location

Madagascar’s location off the southeast coast of Africa provides it with a distinctive ecology, making it the most significant biodiversity hotspot in the world. The project focuses on one community in the east coast.

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The issues

The island’s environment faces enormous challenges. Human activity has endangered the fragile ecosystem and its flora and fauna are being threatened or have been driven to extinction.

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The project

Project Voiala aims to build community awareness of the issues. It will help the villagers to live in harmony with their environment and will act as a model to incentivise other communities.

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Favini supports Project Voiala via Padua University providing know-how, financial support and promotion of Madagascar’s endangered ecology.

Why we support Project Voiala

Supporting Project Voiala represents our core philosophy of sustainable paper production and our commitment to the environment. In the same way that we were the first Italian company to adopt FSC forestry standards, market leading levels of low water consumption in the specialist sector and the creation of the revolutionary Alga Carta and Crush.


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